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Dog Training Masters Home Study Course Affiliate Program

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To Access to the Affiliate Members area, and take advantage of the EXTENSIVE affiliate resources available to you, fill out this easy form:

Who pays me?

The company we use is ClickBank, which ensures that you get credit for every sale referred through your links. Because our affiliate program runs through a third-party, you can always be assured you are getting paid for every sale you refer and you will always be assured you are paid on time, every time. ClickBank is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital products.

When do I get paid?

Dog-Training-Academy. Com affiliates are paid by Clickbank twice per month instead of quarterly. No more long periods of waiting as with other affiliate programs. That means you will have cash in your pocket quickly without the hassles of waiting for your money..

How much can I make?

There is one thing you can say about us Dog lovers, is that we are completely passionate about our dogs! And with this passion, we are BIG Time consumers! No wonder this is a Billion Dollar industry!! So how much would you like to make?

Here is a guide to show you:

Sales P/Day

Revenue P/Day

Revenue P/ Week Revenue P/Year
1 $25 $175 $9,100
5 $125 $875 $45,500
10 $250 $1,750 $91,000
20 $500 $3,500 $182,000

OK, How do I start!?

Please follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: “Get Your very Own Clickbank ID”

The only thing you need is a Clickbank ID ("nickname"). If you do not have an ID, click here to get one free. If you would like more information on Clickbank then click here. After you have obtained your Clickbank ID come back to this page and complete step 2.

Step 2: “Create Your Affiliate Link”

Simply insert your Clickbank ID or nickname in the link below where it is marked “XXXXX”, and then you are good to go!


Step 3: “Promote Your Link”

After you have created your special affiliate link, you are ready to GO!

Below you will find many ways to promote your link.

1. Pay Per Click with Google Adwords - Pay per click advertising is among the fastest way in this industry to make some fast easy cash.


2. Email Marketing - One of the most popular ways for affiliates to promote the site and make sales.  This is ideal for those who already have a list of dog lovers. In our affiliate members area, you will get sample emails for you to use.


3. Ezine Advertising - Do a search for "Dog Ezines" and place your link there.


4. Text links - If you have a web-site placing a simple test link on your web-site can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.


5. Forums - Add your link to your forum signature. When you contribute to doggy forums, you will also be promoting your link!


6. Banner ads - If you have a web-site placing a simple banner ad on your web-site can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.


Resources to help you To Promote your link

OK, so I have just given you the basics above, right? But there are a lot more resources I have ready and available to you.

In the affiliate members area, you will get sample emails to send to your list. Just plug in your link and away you go.

I have also put together a short video for you on how you can hide your affiliate link. This is very important so that you don't loose out on any commissions.

You Can also BRAND our special PDF report with your Affiliate link and give that away. This is by far the most effective method for promoting your affiliate link! And I have prepared a video for you showing you how to do this.

You will also get a number of reports and articles for you to use to help promote your link.

And the most important part of having access to the members area, is that I can easily reach you to give you further promotional materials as they are completed.

So fill in the easy form below. Once you are done, hit 'Submit'. Then I will send you an Email with further instructions on where you can access the extensive resources in our Affiliate members area.

Here's the easy form:

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