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 Marion said, "This Is An Incredible Course..."

"Hi Ray

I just finished your course and I still cant believe yougot a trainer to reveal so much about how to train dogs. I really liked how logical it all connected in together, and how complete it was in covering so many areas. My favorite was the Dog Psychology part. I am currently working on my Plan and can see how effective this will be even before I start using it. This is an incredible course and by far the best I have seen around.

Thanks for putting it together"

Marion Worley

Yuma, Arizona, USA

Mary said the course has totally changed her dog FOREVER! 

"Hi Ray

The one thing I wanted to stop my dog doing was chewing! I'd get so annoyed when I go out and come back and something is destroyed. This drove me bananas.

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to try your course out. I really didn't know what to expect, but I loved your other books, so I knew this would be good as well.

I loved the way you combined your expert dog trainer - Miss X with a solid process for putting a plan into practice. This was really different and I didn't expect that!

So, I listened to everything, and did everything you told me to do. I came out with a plan of action that my whole family followed.

Now I can't believe it. it is like we have a different dog. No more chewing.....

Your tactics and techniques and insider information have totally changed my dog FOREVER. Now, people are coming up to ME for advice to help with training their dog. I just tell them your web site.

Thank you so much, your course really made a special change to our dog."

Mary Blewitt
Chandler AZ

Jeanette said it only took her 7 DAYS to work!

"Hey Ray,
I'm on cloud nine!!

First, I must say THANK YOU! I am deeply grateful to have you as a mentor, and I'm truly blessed by this
amazing course you've created.
(I hate to call it a "course" because it's WAY more than that. It's a new way of interacting with my dog.)
I've owned dogs all my life, and loved every minute, but I never really got a grip on the right way to train them.
I would get motivated when they were puppies, but then never really follow through.
When i saw your course I didn't think I really needed it, but thought I would see what all the fuss was about.
I listened to your trainer, and then wrote out the plan, as you told me too. The thing I realised after I went through it the first time, was that my dog didn't always listen to me, and would only respond when he chose to. So that is what i worked on.

In Just 7 Days after I started my action plan, I have seen a remarkable change in Max. It'slike he has completely changed.
The interviews are fantastic! Miss X really knows her stuff

I am really glad i got your course, and
would happily recommend it to anyone with a dog.

Thank you!"

Jeanette Hughes
Macon GA

 Shona said ANYONE can do it!

"Hi Ray,

Before I had used your course, I hadn't been able to stop my Queeny from growling and getting all grumpy with me. I'd been able to potty train her, but I couldn't stop her getting aggressive with me.

The techniques in
your dog training course really opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong and, more importantly, showed me how to fix it.

Using the techniques you outlined, I have gone from having a doggy that doesn't listen to me and gets all upset with me, to a doggy that knows I am the boss, and does everything I want her to do without getting all aggressive.

The thing I liked most about your course was how simple you made it for me to put a plan together usingthe techniques Miss X gave in the audio interviews. For me, i think this was what made the difference and what made your course work for me when so many others didn't.

ANYONE could take your techniques and use it for there dogs and have a well trained doggy. Theydon't have to be an expert. They don't have to be clever. They just need to follow the techniques you show them.

Would I buy it again? Yes, of course I would.

Best regards,"

Shona Williams
Jackson MS

Kelly highly RECOMMENDS the course!

"I was one of the very first lucky people to gain access to Ray Colero's Dog Training Secrets.

I was able to completely change my dog from being an annoying dog puller that would try and run me to the ground and bark at any other dog he would come across, to a dog that would stay by my side no matter where we go. This was a HUGE improvement and makes our walks so much more enjoyable.

After going through the course, I can now see that this can work for any dog problem, because of the way you put the course together. I highly recommend this course to any dog owner that has a problem they need to sort out."

Kelly Fargis
Salem VA

Jason said the course has completely CHANGED the way he handles his dog!


I wanted to write and send you a HUGE thanks! Your Dog Training Course has completely changed the way I handle my dog!

Where I was struggling was to control my Husky when I took her for a walk, I then used your strategies and plan and now she is a different dog.

I continue to use what I have learned to keep improving her behavior. I sometimes sit around and think about how much time and energy I wasted before by doing almost everything wrong! But not anymore!

Every time I pick up the training manual and reread a section, or listen to the audios, I learn something new! And I put it into action!

When you told me about this pre-release course,
I was cautious and skeptical. I knew I needed to do something about my girl, but I was worried your course was more hype than solid info.

Anyway, I was wrong, and now I realise you are genuine in what you said.

Well done, and I am so glad you have shared this info."

Jason Lambrossio
Phoenix AZ

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