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Ray Colero

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"We have a 8 month old male Black Labrador, who is very smart, easy going, and friendly, Anyway, he would occasionally get a hold of something he shouldn't, such as a spool of thread, a piece of paper or whatever. And When this happened, I'd pick him up, and try to take it out of his mouth, as bribes didn't seem to work. The problem he had was that he would try to keep whatever he had, and make an alien face at me, growl, and then bite, very hard. He never drew blood, but It really worried us, so much so that we got help. We paid for a series of basic obedience classes with a professional trainer but it didn't work.

I surfed the internet and found your site. I downloaded your course and began right away. I followed it exactly and put a plan in place. Now 2 weeks later I just had to tell you that he hasn't shown that same aggression, and hasn't tried to bite me. We are just so happy now thanks to your course. We know we still need to work at it and we intend to continue training him, so that he continues to be a well mannered dog.

I have to admit that I didn't think anything would work. Especially when a professional trainer couldn't even help us. Your course taught us things that we were doing wrong, and we are forever grateful that you put your course together for us. Thanks Wendy Greenway"




"I used to get home from work and routinely go take my 9 month old Shih Tzu outside to do his business. But most often he'd just play, and wouldn't do anything. I'd bring him back in, then Ahhhhh there would be puddles all over my house only after a half hour later. The crunch came when my husband came home form work one day, and he'd had a bad day! Well he steped in poop with no shoes on and he flipped. Anyway, your course was the first to tell me why my doggy was doing this, and now we work to a plan following your methods and now we are happy to report to you that we've got our foxy to do his thing outside and not inside. Yippee! This is a real achievement for us and I thought you'd be happy to hear that your work has really made a difference to us. Thank you very much!! love Sandy and Michale Williams Ohio USA"




"I just wanted to write you to say thank you for helping me with my dog Roxy. I knew it was going to be hard to train walking on the leash, but what I was trying before I had your course was killing me. I took her for walks daily, and she always gets exercise for at least 30min every day, whether it be fetch or tug or something.
I heard of the method on leash training about stopping every time the dog pulls. I had been trying this method, but it never seemed to work for me all that well.

Then i listened to the audio in your course and it hit me. You guys explained it so well and for the first time it really made sense to me on how this method actually worked. So I tried what you suggested and after about 3 days following the plan I could see real progress. Now I have a Husky and she's a dream to take for a walk.

Thanks again for your help. David Pace"




"I have a 11 month old Rottweiler and love her to death.. but her downfall was that she'd jump up on everything and everyone! When I say "jumped up", I mean she'd jump up on her hind legs and putt her front paws all over the coffee table, kitchen/bathroom counters, night stands.. you name it. She would do this to me and to anyone who cam to visit. Being that she is almost 60 pounds with massive paws that have nails that can dig into any nice wood surface or skin I was desperate to find an answer.

I'd tell her "off!" really loud and then move her paws personally off whatever surface/person it was if she didn't go back down on her own.. but then she'd go right back to jumping up again as soon as she got her four paws back on the ground.

I really loved your course because it worked. It was simple to follow, and i made a plan to suit our situation and stuck to it. I went from a feeling of nothing would work, to a relieved dog owner. I would highly recommend your course to anyone suffering a badly behaved dog. Thanks Marcus Slater"




"I was going crazy before I used your training methods. I was in need of urgent help! My 9 month old poodle loved to chew on EVERYTHING. He would chew on toys, furniture, socks, shoes, everything, usually to the point where there was very little left or the item was in shreds. I tried so many things, but got to the point where nothing seemed to work. The information on your mp3's was like gold. A light went off in my head. You have a way of making complicated things real simple. I did the plan and it worked. Its been 2 months now and no more chewing my things. I can't thank you enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shirley Stanthorpe"




"Whenever I left a room or went to go up stars and my Bichon was left on its own, she would bark constantly and it didn't matter if she was in the crate or not. she did this also in the morning and when I went up to bed. Sometimes she wouldn't stop until I went to her. This was driving me crazy. I used your course Ray and did a plan. You had some real clever ideas in there that I used and they did the trick. Our house is a lot more peaceful now thanks to you course. Now I am going to use a few of your other tricks to get her to walk properly on lead. Forever grateful Carly Welspoole"




"Ray, you are a god send! I have a 2 year Male, fixed German Shepherd with your help we fixed his issues when it came to other dogs.

When he saw another dog he would whine and cry VERY loudly and try to go to the dog. He would pull on the leash etc. He never barked or growled just cried and whined. We couldn't take him anywhere because it was embarrassing when he did this around other people.

We tried personal training with him which was great, but he learnt not to do this behaviour at the training place when other dogs where brought round him. As soon as we took him away from there he started again.

We have tried; leash corrections, shock collars, food rewards, ignoring the behavior and carrying on as if nothing is happening but it didn't change how he reacts.

The biggest thing that made the difference was doing the plan. Then I followed it to the letter using all those techniques, and I finally started to gain some control over him when out and about. You have made this so simple and it was easy after listening to all the audio. I should have had your course a year ago. Thanks for a great course. Andrew Maubo




"The problem we had was that our Shih Tzu was biting. He learned commands very quickly, like he knows sit, down and leave it. Our problem was that he was biting. A LOT. I read a lot of books and some worked with him using those techniques, but it stopped working after a while. In fact, it was getting worse. He bit so hard one day he broke the skin. And that was the last straw.
I found your website, I used your course and did the plan as you told me to. I still can't believe how effective your ideas were. They really did the trick for our little baby. Now we are no longer afraid of what he might do, rather we simply enjoy him lots more. I am so glad I came across you. Thank you very much. Angelo Terone"




Hi Ray,

Your new Training Course is excellent. I like how it is outlined and also the highlighting you used. It makes it easier to refer back to the information. The fact that it is easy to follow and in layman's terms, is a big plus with me. I am a breeder of Red & White Beagles. I am able to answer a lot of my customers questions about training their new puppy, with the help of your training manuals. I have been using the spray bottle technique, to keep them from jumping on people. It works so well and I am very pleased to find this easy solution to my problem. This training course is an important tool for me to have access to, and I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this together. I liked the audio of you and Miss X . It was like being there and hearing solutions to questions of concerns that dog owners have. After reading through the manual, I found a lot of very valuable information and how not to let bad behavioral habits get started.Bad habits can be hard to break, but it can be done with the help of this training manual. Thank you for successfully writing another great training manual. I know it will be appreciated by all who studies it. (Rose and Rusty, my beagles, appreciate it too)."


Judith Collins

Heltonville, IN USA




"First off I just want to say thank you so much!

The techniques I learned from your course played a BIG part in helping me to stop my "Reba" digging everywhere!!

As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe. I had almost given up trying to sort this thing out because
nothing I tried seemed to work.To be honest I thought your course would be no different.

I followed your plan after listening to the audio, and now I have a brand new dog..I can't believe it. So that's why I made the time to write you because the change in Reba has been incredible.

Where to start! I think one of the best things was your step-by-step approach. I liked how everything fell into place and I ended up with my own plan on how to train Reba.

I also realized that it's paying attention to the smaller details and having your strategy in place before you start the training, that makes all the difference.

You have put together a real winner with your course.

Thanks Again!"

Helen King
Orlando, Fl




"Hi Ray

I just finished your course and I still cant believeyou got a trainer to reveal so much about how to train dogs. I really liked how logical it all connected in together, and how complete it was in covering so many areas. My favorite was the Dog Psychology audio. I am currently working on my Plan and can see how effective this will be even before I start using it. This is an incredible course and by far the best I have seen around.

Thanks for putting it together"

Marion Worley

Yuma, Arizona, USA




"Hi Ray

The one thing I wanted to stop my dog doing was chewing! I'd get so annoyed when I go out and come back and something destroyed. This drove me bananas.

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to try your course out. I really didn't know what to expect, but I loved your other books, so I knew this would be good as well.

I loved the way you combined your expert dog trainer - Miss X with a solid process for putting a plan into practice. This was really different and I didn't expect that!

So, I listened to everything, and did everything you told me to do. I came out with a plan of action that my whole family followed.

Now I can't believe it. it is like we have a different dog. No more chewing.....

Your tactics and techniques and insider information have totally changed my dog FOREVER. Now, people are coming up to ME for advice to help with training their dog. I just tell them your web site.

Thank you so much, your course really made a special change to our dog."

Mary Blewitt
Chandler AZ




"Hey Ray,
I'm on cloud nine!!

First, I must say THANK YOU! I am deeply grateful to have you as a mentor, and I'm truly blessed by this
amazing course you've created.
(I hate to call it a "course" because it's WAY more than that. It's a new way of interacting with my dog.)
I've owned dogs all my life, and loved every minute, but I never really got a grip on the right way to train them.
I would get motivated when they were puppies, but then never really follow through.
When i saw your course I didn't think I really needed it, but thought I would see what all the fuss was about.
I listened to your trainer, and then wrote out the plan, as you told me too. The thing I realised after I went through it the first time, was that my dog didn't always listen to me, and would only respond when he chose to. So that is what i worked on.

In Just 7 Days after I started my action plan, I have seen a remarkable change in Max.It's like he has completely changed.
The interviews are fantastic! Miss X really knows her stuff

I am really glad i got your course, and
would happily recommend it to anyone with a dog.

Thank you!"

Jeanette Hughes
Macon GA




"Hi Ray,

Before I had used your course, I hadn't been able to stop my Queeny from growling and getting all grumpy with me. I'd been able to potty train her, but I couldn't stop her getting aggressive with me.

The techniques in
your dog training course really opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong,and, more importantly, showed me how to fix it.

Using the techniques you outlined, I have gone from having a doggy that doesn't listen to me and gets all upset with me, to a doggy that knows I am the boss, and does ever thing I want her to do without getting all aggressive.

The thing I liked most about your course was how simple you made it for me to put a plan togetherusing the techniques Miss X gave in the audio interviews. For me, i think this was what made the difference and what made your course work for me when so many others didn't.

ANYONE could take your techniques and use it for there dogs and have a well trained doggy.They don't have to be an expert. They don't have to be clever. They just need to follow the techniques you show them.

Would I buy it again? Yes, of course I would.

Best regards,"

Shona Williams
Jackson MS




"I was one of the very first lucky people to gain access to Ray Colero's dog training home study course.

I was able to completely change my dog from being an annoying dog puller that would try and run me to the ground and bark at any other dog he would come across, to a dog that would stay by my side no matter where we go. This was a HUGE improvement and makes our walks so much more enjoyable.

After going through the course, I can now see that this can work for any dog problem, because of the way he put the course together. I highly recommend this course to any dog owner that has a problem they need to sort out."

Kelly Fargis
Salem VA





I wanted to write and send you a HUGE thanks! Your Dog Training Course has completely changed the way I handle my dog!

Where I was struggling was to control my Husky when I took her for a walk, I then used your strategies and plan and now she is a different dog.

I continue to use what I have learned to keep improving her behavior. I sometimes sit around and think about how much time and energy I wasted before by doing almost everything wrong! But not anymore!

Every time I pick up the training manual and reread a section, or listen to the audios, I learn something new! And I put it into action!

When you told me about this pre-release course,
I was cautious and skeptical. I knew I needed to do something about my girl, but I was worried your course was more hype than solid info.

Anyway, I was wrong, and now I realise you are genuine in what you said.

Well done, and I am so glad you have shared this info."

Jason Lambrossio
Phoenix AZ