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"How Good Would It Be To Totally Transform YOUR Dog Into The Perfectly Behaved Dog You've Always Dreamed Of?"

With These Insider Dog Training Secrets, Those Naughty Dog Behaviors Will Be A Thing Of The Past. It Has Worked For So Many Others, It Will Work For You Too...


HelloRay Cerlo

I'm Ray Colero and I'm a dog training expert.

Over the past 4 years I've had a very successful dog training course on the Internet. Thousands of people have used it to change their dogs from being a nightmare into the loving companions and family members that they wished for.

My course covered about 95% of all problems. But every once in a while a customer would contact me with a problem I'd not had before. So I would take action to solve the problem. How? I would contact another expert.

Perhaps I should just explain here, that the best dog experts specialise. Just as doctors do. If you have a run of the mill illness you see a general practitioner. If it's something different you see a specialist.

The dog world is the same.

With this new 2011 course you not only get all of my experience, you also have the experience of a second top class expert. Due to contractual agreements I'm not able to reveal the identity of this second expert. For now let us just call her MISS X 


Simple & Easy Techniques That'll Have An Immediate Effect On Your Dog. Guaranteed To Work With All Breeds Of Dogs.

Miss X MISS X is the expert's expert. She is the director and head trainer for a very well known Dog Academies . She is also a certified dog trainer and an accredited canine behaviour specialist,

Of course, MISS X' s  full indemnity qualifications and experience will be revealed in full in the new combined Ultimate Training Course.

Together We Cover 100% Of Dog Training.


"It was never supposed to be like this..." Right?

That is the phrase I hear every day. Perhaps you have said it or thought it today. I'm not surprised, with the best will in the world, we all have our limits. As you have arrived at this website its obvious that there is a problem. YOUR DOG....

Before I say any more, let me just confirm that:-

I am 100% sure that I can solve your problem.

 I have spent a lifetime studying dog behavior, how to control and treat it. I'm so confident in my experience and techniques that I provide my entire course with a:-

No Questions Asked 100% Full Refund Guarantee.


So Tell Me... what’s YOUR dog up to?  

Does Your Dog :-

Pee & Poop Everywhere. No Matter What You Do To Try To Train It.
Continually Jumps Up. Are You And Others Frightened By This Behaviour?
Pulls When On A Lead.  It Is A Constant Battle Just To Take A Walk?
Aggressive To People. Just A Matter Of Time Before Someone Is Hurt?
Aggressive To Dogs. Impossible To Take For A Walk.
Bites You And Other People. This Has To Stop Before It Escalates.
Chews Your Furniture. Your Home Is Being Ruined.
Chews Your Belongings.  Mementoes That Can Never Be Replaced.
Digs Holes. The Yard, Garden Looks A Disaster.
Cries & Whines. Your Life Is Polluted By Constant Noise.
Barks Endlessly. Neighbours Complain.
Refuses All Commands. A Nightmare To Control.

Is the list above a snapshot of your life at the moment? Does your dog do some or all of these things? Has it's behaviour  become unacceptable? I can understand that. When you are faced with bad behaviour, day in day out, life can become a living nightmare.  But let me confirm that I can solve all these problems for you.

There is nothing in the list of bad behaviors that I haven't encountered and solved hundreds of times Before........

I know that often you, the loving owner, believe that only your dog behaves like this. The truth is any and all dogs will behave like this if they are allowed. Your dog's bad behaviour isn't personal it's the dogs nature to behave this way. The secret to having the dog of your dreams is to train it using, quick, simple and easy to use techniques. Techniques that are proven to work.


 "Your Perfect Dog Is Already Living With You."

 Black Lab

Hard to believe I know, when you are picking up poop from the lounge carpet again. Fighting a losing battle to walk your dog. Making sure the dog is locked away before you can answer the door. Finding personal items that have been ripped apart.  But it's the truth. Your perfect pet is already living with you. All you need to do is take control and to do this we have to take a route you may not have  considered. Together, we need to first train you!

Yes, I know, the dog is the problem, but please just hear me out on this as it is so important. Your dog at this moment in time controls you. But if you have the right training to ensure you understand just what is going on what your dog is doing and why, then you are 99% of the way to solving the problem before you even start training your dog.

The Easy Answers Owners Turn To That All Fail Miserably..

When you have a problem dog everybody has an opinion as to how to solve the problem. I'm sure you have had family members, friends and acquaintances who can all tell you what to do. Even people who have never owned a dog have opinions and answers. Ignore them all.

Pick up a telephone directory or Google "local dog trainer" You will be spoilt for choice. They will offer lots of choices and techniques. Before you know it you will have a dog who acts perfectly for the trainer. It will look like a miracle. After all the anguish  you have suffered, your dog is perfectly behaved, UNTIL THE TRAINER LEAVES. Then it's back to being The Dog From Hell. The only person to train your dog is YOU

Take the dog to a training course. You spend half of the time trying to keep your dog apart from the other dogs. The other owners give you a hard time and after a while you just give up. Your Dog Has Won Again!

It doesn't have to be this way......

There is an easy answer to your present problem, you have already taken the first step towards changing your life, to controlling your dog, quickly and easily. To releasing, your perfect pet and companion from the uncontrolled animal who is blighting your life at this moment. 

You need to accept my offer and download my Dog Training Secrets Course. EXPERT DOG TRAINER SECRETS REVEALED This comprehensive, easy to follow course will change your whole perception and understanding of your dog's behaviour. An understanding that will allow you to start to train and control your dog immediately.

Just imagine if in one hour from now, you could see a positive change in your dog. Wouldn't that just be fantastic? Don't imagine it, experience it. Please remember, I'm so confident in my methods that I take all the risk. You can have my entire course ready to use on your computer in the next few minutes. I must impress on you, my offer is for the entire course, you get everything:-

 I'll show you exactly how you can........      


Red Check House Train Your Dog.  Never Have To Clean Up Poop or Pee Again.
Red Check Stop Jumping  Up. Never  Again Be Afraid Of The Dog's Behaviour
Red Check Walk On A Lead. Always Be In Control With Your Dog Walking To Heel 
Red Check Stop Aggression To People. Feel Safe That Your Dog Is Fully Controlled
Red Check Stop Aggression  To Dogs. Never Have To Struggle To Part Dogs Again.
Red Check Stop Bites .Before The Problem  Escalates And People Get Hurt
Red Check Stop Chewing  Your Furniture. Your Home Is Yours Again .
Red Check Stop Chewing  Your Belongings. Never  Lose Another Treasured Memento
Red Check Stop Hole Digging . Reclaim Your Yard/ Garden. Plant Flowers Again.
Red Check Stop Cries & Whines. Bring Peace Back Into Your Life.
Red Check Stop Your Dog Barking  Endlessly. Have Your Neighbours As Friends Again.
Red Check Stop Your Dog Refusing Commands. Take Full Control.

There Are No Extras To Buy. No Special Equipment Needed. No Past Experience Of Dog Training Required.

My Course is 100% Complete And Ready To Use. 

I have proven my techniques work thousands of times with all breeds of dogs.      I'm so confident that it will work with your dog, that I will let you have the whole course, Everything For A Full 60 Days. Use My Techniques As Your Own. 

2 Dogs

Release Your Perfect Pet, From The Nightmare Animal You Are Now Living With. Prove To Yourself That My Course Works. Enjoy The Rewards It Brings To Your Life, Your Home, Your Family And Your Dog.  

Everything Is Pre-Organised Into Easy To Use And Access Sections.

Never waste time searching for the answer to your problem Everything is at hand.

Group Product  

All Yours Instantly For:
$67.77 $37.77
Unfortunately I can not guarantee you how long the above price
will remain as it is a special sale price. So be quick!


Here's What Other Dog Owners Have Achieved Using Our Course. 


Marcus Stopped His Dog JUMPING UP.
Shirley Solved Her Dogs CHEWING PROBLEM.
Angelo Stopped His Dog BITING.

 Here we have just five examples, from hundreds of satisfied customers. But for each of these five people our course has been a God send. Marcus, stopped his dog Jumping up. This may sound nothing, but for any owner who has suffered this or is suffering it now , jumping up is a nightmare.

Shirley stopped her dogs chewing another terrible problem solved.

Carly cured her dogs separation anxiety and family life returned to normal.

Andrew gained control of his dog. I personally believe that to know you are not in control of a dog is very scary. You can never relax as you have no idea what he or she will do next.

Angelo stopped his dog biting. This is marvelous. I'm always concerned when a dog turns aggressive and bites. It is so easy for a dog to produce really bad injuries to both children and the elderly. Stopping biting has to be the number one problem to solve.

Five names, five stories of success. To read their full stories just click on the photos below












Expert Trainer Course

Full Course

A Complete Home Training Course From 2 Canine Experts. Supplied with our Risk Free, Try For 60 Days Guarantee. Prove that our training works for you. Let us help you change your dog. Release the perfect pet that you already own. Turn the tables and take control. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

Click on the Add To Cart Graphic and have the entire course on your computer within minutes.


Transform Your Dog Today For Only:
$67.77 $37.77
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Expert Training

The Complete Course

Expert Trainers' Dog Training Secrets:-

The entire course has been designed to be quick and easy to use and comprises of an extensive audio course which is divided into easy to action sections. Plus a complete plan of action. From day one you will have an exact plan of action to follow. An action plan based on hundreds of successful training sessions. Nothing is left to chance. You will be following proven techniques that work. 

We are so sure of our methods that we allow our clients to use all our techniques for a full 2 months without risk. We can only do this as we have total confidence in their methods. 

Plan Of Action.


Plan Of Action    

From the moment you receive our course, you will have a planned plan of action. Everything is laid out for you. This easy to use document allows you to take all the information and knowledge included in the course and to tailor it into a fast acting solution SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS AND THE TRAINING OF YOUR DOG

Everything is laid out for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks, following our detailed instructions and you have a PLAN OF ACTION, DESIGNED EXACTLY FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG.

Nothing is left to chance. You will know exactly what needs to be done to solve your dog problem fast........

Quick Start Guide..


 Quick Start Guide

Once you have completed your plan of action, you move onto our Quick Start Guide. As the name says this is designed to be the first starting point on the fast training program for your dog.

Written by 2 experts, this simple to use guide takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do. Each step is shown in detail. There are no complicated decisions to make.

Step by step, you will be moving forward towards your ultimate goal.

To have the perfect pet in your life. To clear up the problems you now have and move forward to your final goal.

The Complete Audio Training Section

 After many hours of deliberation whilst producing this ultimate training course we decided that the best method of communicating the expert information to you, quickly and easily is to use both the medium of text and audio. You therefore have the options of reading the information or as many people prefer by listening.

You can access the audio information on your computer or save it to a CD or mp3 player and listen to it anywhere and at any time that is convenient.


 Volume 1  Volume 2  Volume 3
 Volume 4  Volume 5

 5 Complete Audio Volumes Of Double Expert Training.

You can have the entire program at your fingertips within the next few minutes. To get complete access, click on the add to cart graphic now. You will receive the complete package on our full, no questions asked 60 day risk free guarantee.  Act NOW and start re-training your dog today


This has helped so many others already, and it can be All Yours Instantly For:
$67.77 $37.77
Don't wait, Act NOW Before You Miss out on this Sale.. Hurry!


 Audio Program Volume 1


"Dog Psychology"


Here's a small sample of what you'll discover:

  • The Truth Behind the history of the dog! Finally you’ll get all the answers why your dog displays the traits and instincts that it does!

  • Why almost everyone is WRONG about the canine pack structure! Best of all, you get to discover why this info is absolutely vital in your household!

  • Learn why understanding DOG PSYCHOLOGY is critical if you have Children!

  •  WARNING , the age of your Child (or Children) can make a real difference in terms of their safety…….Learn why!.

  • What every parent MUST  know if you want to protect your Child from becoming the victim of a dog bite!. This is a REVEALING insight into the mind of your dog!

  • How to AVOID the one biggest MISTAKE people commonly make that can cause them to suffer a dog with life-long behavioral problems

  • The 5 Simple steps on how you can turn the tables and regain the leadership or “Alpha” status within your home! Just IMAGINE what it would feel like to Finally be in control of your dog!

  • The 4 Things that you should never ever do with your dog! Ignore this at your own RISK….

  • Finally, discover the deep down psychology behind why a dog may growl and snarl at some people but not others. You’ll be AMAZED when you find out why!.

  • At Last! The Mystery surrounding how your dog THINKS is completely UNRAVELLED. This one will surprise you…

  • The INCREDIBLE secret on How To teach your dog anything you want in no time-flat! All you need to do is understand how they LEARN! This is really cool!

  • Ever wondered how INTELLIGENT your dog is? Well for the first time, you are going to get the truth. And brace yourself - the answers with surprise you!

  • ATTENTION: If you don’t manage your dog’s specific behavior the RIGHT way, then you could be setting yourself up for a life-time of Stress and Frustration with a badly behaved dog!! Shortly you’ll discover exactly how to ASSESS, IDENTIFY and MANAGE your dog’s individual behavior.

  • Visualize yourself with the PERFECT dog! You are just moments away from discovering PRECISELY how you can ensure your dog becomes the most friendly, loving and well adjusted member of your household. Wouldn’t this be wonderful?

  • The startling FACTS about “Dominance” in dogs. Does this really occur or is it simply a myth?. Many so-called experts have it all wrong. You’ll find out the truth!

  • The 4 secret psychological weapons you can use when training your dog.

Your Perfect Pet Is Already Living With You! 

You simply need to release it using our amazing training course.


 Client 1  Client 2  Client 3  Client 5

Join These Dog Lovers Who Have All Used Our 2 Expert Course To Re-Train Their Dogs.



Audio Program: Volume 2

"Puppy Training"


  • CRITICAL! If you have a new puppy then there is something I really need you to know! If you get ONE THING out of this Dog Training Course then this is vital! You better not miss-out on this!

  • The most advanced and comprehensive formula for success in HOUSE TRAINING your puppy! This is a guaranteed process for getting the results you want in the shortest possible time…

  • The 3-SIMPLE Laws of House Training. With this you’ll have the upper hand in knowing exactly when your puppy needs to go to the toilet.

  • Imagine having the answers on how to House Train your puppy FAST! You are about to DISCOVER how YOU can house train your puppy within 14 days!.

  • The Incredible EXPERT technique that you can use to train your puppy to go to the toilet on a simple verbal command. Just wait ‘till you try this one!

  • NEWS! Discover why crate training just won’t work for some dogs. Why waste your TIME trying a method that may not work? In a matter of minutes, you can find out if CRATE TRAINING will work for your dog!

  • The Pitfalls and Mistakes so many people make when trying to house train their puppies - And YOU can discover how to avoid them!

  • The simple two-step process you need to employ if you catch your Pup eliminating in the wrong spot. This two-step process is essential if you want to teach your pup where NOT to go!

  • What you must never ever do when house training your puppy. If you do you will make it near impossible to successfully house train your puppy.

  • Imagine what it would be like when your pup is fully house trained. Discover how to determine when your pup is fully housetrained. HINT: You get our simple criteria to asses your puppy.

  • STOP! Don’t make these mistakes. If you do, then you could end up with an annoying dog that JUMPS up on you and your guests!

  • ADVICE from an expert, that shows you the simple techniques on exactly how to teach your puppy not to jump up on you! This is GOLD!

  • The EASIEST Way to stop your puppy from mouthing, biting or nipping you, and the PROVEN tips you can use to correct this behavior.

  • Discover what you should do if your new puppy is constantly whining.

  • THIS IS CRUCIAL! - Our expert reveals exactly what you must do to prevent any possible future BAD habits or behavioral problems! You just have to avoid making these mistakes because correcting these can be a NIGHTMARE further on down the track.

  • Discover the TRUTH about Children and Dogs. Our expert reveals all! How SAFE are they really around your dog? You don’t want to miss this one!

  • Should your VACCINATE your puppy? Discover what our expert thinks about this. Her answers may SHOCK you!

Use All Of This Expert Information To Have The Perfect Pet In Your Life......

 Client 6 Client 7  Client 8 Client 9  

Our Course Worked For Every One Of These Dog Lovers.


The Answers On How To Solve Your Doggy Problems Can Be All Yours Instantly For:
$67.77 $37.77
This Sale is For Only A LIMITED Time. Hurry Before the Sale Ends!




Audio Program: Volume 3

"Dog Obedience"

  • Imagine your self, MASTERING the art of training your dog with this jealously guarded secret! It’s so simple it’s crazy more people aren’t using it.

  • Find out exactly what the experts do when they train dogs. If you really want to get the BEST out of your dog then your gonna love this!

  • Why you must LEARN to apply these 4 quadrants to Dog Training. Your success depends on it!

  • Discover the jealously GUARDED secrets on how you can combine both re-enforcement and punishment into your training - once you understand and apply these concepts, your dog will almost HYPNOTICALLY obey your every command!

  • Save TIME and MONEY going to expensive dog training schools. After you master these 6 expert training techniques you’ll be amazed at how GOOD you’ll get training your dog in the privacy of your very own home!

  • So how GOOD is your Dog? Find out how to ASSESS the obedience level your dog is at, and what you’ll have to do to go up another level!

  • USE the simple techniques the experts use to re-motivate an unmotivated dog in a positive and loving way.

  • Discover how to manage a dog that after countless HOURS of successful training suddenly stops responding to your commands. Learn what the experts do in this situation.

  • Discover the EASIEST and best ways to re-energize your dog that he will just love you for!


Double Expert Information

What Other Dog Lovers Have To Say About Our Course.


I really love your course, because it works!
I was going crazy before I found your course!
Ray you are a God send!
I just have to say thank you!
I'm on cloud nine!
A huge thank you!

These are just a sample of the hundreds of messages we have received from clients. Each and every dog lover has used our tried and tested course to re-train their dog and to take control. I'd be delighted to receive an email or message from you telling me how our course has changed your life. 

Please remember my complete course is available on a risk free offer. Use the course for a full 60 days. Prove it works and change your life. Stop your dog's bad behaviour. If for any reason , you decide that the course is not the best you have ever used, just email me and I'll give you a full refund. But I won't stop there, I'll also let you keep the whole course with my compliments. You simply can not lose. You can only gain.



Audio Program: Volume 4

"Problem Solving Part 1"



  • What would it FEEL like after you’d finally gotten the answer as to why your dog has a jumping problem? And then, to top it off, you get the insider secrets on how YOU can AVOID the one biggest mistake people make that actually caused this problem in the first place! Well, you’re in for a treat with this one!

  • UNBELIEVABLE!! For the first time I’m going to reveal to you all the expert strategies and proven techniques that will STOP your dog jumping. Period! This is so powerful it’ll blow your mind….

  • The A-B-C formula that’ll show you EXACTLY how to stop your dog from jumping all over you when you return home. But as a special extra bonus, I’ll also show you how to STOP your dog jumping all over all your visitors as well! This simple technique can make all the difference. Imagine how more relaxed you and your VISITORS would feel when they came over without the fear of being jumped all over!


  • If you’re WORRIED about your dog Chewing everything bar the kitchen sink then LISTEN UP! You’re about to hear some surprising facts why it is your dog persists in chewing his way through your home!

  • EXCLUSIVE! Did you know that there are two types of chewing problems? And one represents a serious underlying problem that could require URGENT expert intervention. It’s pretty serious! Discover How To assess the type of chewing problem your dog has, How To determine the Cause of it, and How Best To Manage it…

  • Apply these 7 sure-fire proven methods and techniques (that the experts use) to SOLVE your dogs chewing problem. And you won’t have to go to any expensive dog class to learn it! Wouldn’t it be a relief to finally CONQUER this problem?

Pulling on the leash

  • A dog that is FRANTICALLY pulling on the leash is not only embarrassing, but can also be quite tiring for you. Let me SHOW you how you can Enjoy a Peaceful and Relaxing Walk with your dog. In a few moments you’ll discover why it is that your dog wants to pull on the leash in the first place. And you will Find Out How YOU can Avoid the mistakes most people make when walking their dog.

  • REVEALED! Find out exactly what leash and collar to use if you want to train your dog not to pull on the leash - and more importantly which ones you shouldn’t use. The answer may OFFEND some collar manufacturers!

  • The BREAKTHROUGH strategy to Stop your dog pulling on the leash - Guaranteed! Experts would normally charge you a small fortune for these secrets, and the good news for you is - You’re only a few clicks away from getting all these RED-HOT answers.


  • You’d Never Guess why puppies are crazy about mouthing on you! When you hear this it will all finally start to make sense……

  • The Truth Is Out There!. Do puppies grow out of this phase? Or can it become a HUGE problem? Don’t leave it to Chance. Find out what you need to do NOW!

  • Discover all the INSIDER SECRETS on how you can stop your puppy from mouthing or biting you. This has the POTENTIAL to shortcut years of future problems with your dog.


  • Just wait ‘till you hear this Amazing INSIGHT as to why your dog likes to chase.

  • The POWERFUL techniques, and the Blueprint YOU can use to sort out your dog’s chasing problem once and for all! You’ll love this..

  • If you’re concerned about your dogs chasing problem, then its CRITICAL you find out exactly what you should never do. The consequences could be unbearable!

Aggression to Owners

  • The SHOCKING Truth why a dog may become aggressive toward its owner, and YOU will get the 3 main reasons why!

  • Unbelievable!! Discover how we as dog owners could in fact be causing our own dogs to be come AGGRESSIVE without us even knowing. You’ve just gotta Learn how to avoid these 3 devastating mistakes!.

  • URGENT Information! Discover the truth behind dogs that unexpectedly TURN on their owners. Find out if you are at RISK!.

  • Protect your Children! Discover the number 1 reason why some dogs will totally SURPRISE you and out-of-the-blue bite your kids! You owe it to them to find out why, and also how to Avoid this from ever occurring…

  • Let me give you a HEADS-UP…. And this is coming from an expert! Find out exactly what you should and SHOULDN'T do if you see a dog becoming aggressive toward a child. In a matter of a few minutes, all will be revealed!

Guarantee Box


This Can Be All Yours Instantly For Only:
$67.77 $37.77
Don't miss out on this SALE! Act Now Before It's Too Late...



Audio Program: Volume 5

"Problem Solving Part 2"


Here's a small sample of what you'll discover:


  • How would it FEEL to have finally cured your dog’s DIGGING problem? START HERE! To be able to finally Take Control of this problem, you need to understand the reasons WHY, as well as analyze WHERE your dog is digging! To make it easy for you, in a few minutes time, You’ll get all the answers and find out exactly how to do this once and for all…

  • GREAT NEWS! For the first time, you can get your hands on all the SECRET STRATEGIES that the experts use to stop your dog digging in a flash! This is so simple and yet powerful you’ll be amazed. I gotta tell you, it works like magic!

  • Here’s something that will blow your mind! Discover exactly what you SHOULDN’T do when managing your dog with a digging problem. You won’t see this one coming! It could mean the difference between success and failure…

Separation Anxiety

  • Finally - The surprising FACTS and blatant TRUTH is revealed about separation anxiety like you’ve never heard before! It’s what every serious dog owner must know…..

  • ATTENTION: Separation Anxiety has thousands upon thousands of dog owners in a PANIC! Discover what the subtle signs are that you need to look out for to see if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

  • ITS HERE! Use this Revolutionary ACTION PLAN that’ll show you exactly how to combat separation anxiety and turn your dog into a relaxed and calm dog almost overnight! It’s simply Amazing….

Aggression toward other dogs

  • Avoid the HOSTILITY and STRESS of a dogfight! Discover the three Startling reasons why some dogs just can’t help themselves and become aggressive toward other dogs. This is vital info for any responsible dog owner!

  • How to prevent your dog becoming aggressive toward other dogs! Are you ready to Discover the Incredible strategies that you can put in place to prevent this Frightening situation from ever occurring?

  • At Last! Find out the LATEST ways to correct this aggressive problem. After you apply them, you’ll swear by it…. GUARANTEED!

House Training Puppies

  • Got a problem housetraining your puppy then this CD will reveal all the answers you’ve been waiting for! It’s AWESOME…

  • Discover the quick and easy EXPERT strategies that you can employ to finally house train your puppy. Its like having an expert dog trainer by your side every step of the way!

  • All about House Training an ADULT DOG! Discover the secret tips and tricks the experts’ use to toilet train older dogs. You’ll breath a sigh of relief after this one…

  • Discover why some housetraining techniques will never work on some dogs. AVOID wasting your time on methods that may not work. You’ll get the answers on just how to get around this!

Pulling Clothes off the line

  • Astounding NEW insights as to why your dog pulls clothes off the line. Understanding this is the KEY to solving this annoying problem!

  • No-Nonsense Answers! Find out exactly what you MUST do to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

  • 6-proven Expert strategies to STOP this problem once and for all. Wouldn’t it feel great not to worry about your clothes being ripped down all the time?

Excessive Barking

  • Not getting a good night sleep or any peace and quiet due to problem barking? Discover the 3 main causes of problem barking.

  • Now for the fun stuff! How to quickly and easily correct this problem using groundbreaking new expert strategies. You’ll love this….

  • STOP! The one thing you must do if your dog is seemingly barking at nothing. If you don’t do this, then you could end up with a much bigger problem in the future

 Client 11  Client 12  Client 14  Client 16

"We All Used This Fabulous Course and It Work For Us, Perfectly"

"What Another Dog Lover Has To Say About Our Course!"


 Wendy Solved her dog's AGGRESSION Problem!

 We have a 8 month old male Black Labrador, who is very smart, easy going, and friendly, Anyway, he would occasionally get a hold of something he shouldn't, such as a spool of thread, a piece of paper or whatever. And When this happened, I'd pick him up, and try to take it out of his mouth, as bribes didn't seem to work. The problem he had was that he would try to keep whatever he had, and make an alien face at me, growl, and then bite, very hard. He never drew blood, but It really worried us, so much so that we got help. We paid for a series of basic obedience classes with a professional trainer but it didn't work.


I surfed the internet and found your site. I downloaded your course and began right away. I followed it exactly and put a plan in place. Now 2 weeks later I just had to tell you that he hasn't shown that same aggression, and hasn't tried to bite me. We are just so happy now thanks to your system. We know we still need to work at it and we intend to continue training him, so that he continues to be a well mannered dog.

I have to admit that I didn't think anything would work. Especially when a professional trainer couldn't even help us. Your course taught us things that we were doing wrong, and we are forever grateful that you put your course together for us. Thanks Wendy Greenway

More Comments

The Complete Answer To Your Dog Training Problems......



"Training Guide"

193 page comprehensive training Guide that on it's own is practically the Dog Training Holly Grail!

Nothing has been left out, in fact this will serve you for years to come as the fountain of all your Dog Training needs.

This Training Guide is packed with over 20 years of practical knowledge. Nothing has been left out. The ultimate training course to release the perfect pet you desire and deserve. 


 Training Guide

"Study Manual"

The Study Manual contains all the key tips, strategies and techniques in a condensed format. This is designed to reinforce all of the concepts uncovered throughout the Audio Program.

It is in a question and answer format to test how much you learned. 

This Is the perfect companion to our Training Guide. 



  "Plan Of Action"

The Plan Of Action document is the "BackBone" to the entire course! Don't underestimate the power of what's included in this document.

Exclusive to "Dog Training Secrets", it is this amazing action plan  that holds the secret as to why my customers have been getting the incredible results they have been receiving .

They have changed both their pet's and their own life around and you can too....

Once you have the knowledge - which is available to you in both the text and the  Audio Program, you simply  follow the step-by-step formula laid out for you in the Plan Of Action document.

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Secrets To Good Doggy Nutrition!

  Be sure to set your Dog up For a Happy and Healthy life, by learning all about the Nutrition your dog needs to keep healthy! This is vital information, which will save you the heartache of making the same mistakes others are making when feeding their dogs!(Value $11.97)


101 Recipes To Cook For Your Dog!


The way to your Dog's heart, is through his stomach! Never wonder what you can cook for your dog again. Here are 101 recipes that you can tantalize your dog with. He'll love you for it!

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 How To Choose The Right Vet For Your Dog!

When one takes a moment to think about it, perhaps the most difficult and agonizing decision to be made on behalf of your dog is choosing a vet. Your dog may have special needs, and you'll want to make sure your Vet can best meet them. Learn how to make the right choice for your Dog. (Value $11.97)



13 Amazing Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog!

Learn how to quickly and easily teach your Dog 13 fun trucks. You and your Dog want to while away the idle hours together? Then, what better way can there be than to get together and teach him/her some tricks? (Value $11.97)


Dog Grooming Secrets Revealed (CD Audio)

Discover all the secrets to dog grooming, in this 'Behind Closed Doors' Interview with a Professional Dog Groomer. Here you will learn how the experts get their dogs to look so wonderful, and you have the rare opportunity to learn how to do it your self! Discover the tricks of the trade, learn what you must avoid doing and watch out for, and benefit from the most commonly made mistakes others make, and how to avoid them so your friends will praise you for how gorgeous your dog looks! This is an Audio that you can listen online or download. A must for any dog owner!!! (Value $49.97)


"How To Solve Canine Aggression"


Has your dog ever shown signs of Aggression? If not, what would you do to handle it if it does happen tomorrow or the next day or next week? There are specific things you can do TODAY to prevent canine aggression, and also the steps you can take to correct an unwanted aggressive problem. Fortunately for you it is all available for you right here in this never before seen exclusive report. You will be privy to some of the latest secret strategies that will show you how to solve canine aggression once and for all! Don't miss this.... (Value 14.97)


"How To Prevent Future Doggy Behavior Problems"


Why is it that so many dogs become so destructive? Here’s the situation. You come home from work to find your dog has knocked over the trash and has left a nasty mess. You go to the bedroom to find your favorite pair of sandals chewed to little bits. Plus, your dog has been more aggressive than normal since you returned home from work. Your tired from a busy day, and now have to contend with cleaning up a frightening path of canine destruction! Well let me reveal something here. You CAN stop all of this simply by knowing how you to keep your dog mentally stimulated. In this exciting report, you will get the proven 7 day template that will give you the blue-print on how to solve your dogs boredom related behavioral problems. And you know the best part.... Your dog will love every minute of it...... ( value $14.97)


"Is Dog Insurance Worth It?"


There has been a lot of hype lately about Doggie insurance. Some good some bad. But before you know it, the pros and cons get mixed up in a mess of confusion and misguided facts about the simple question "Is it really worth it?". What would it feel like if you signed up for an insurance policy and then realized you mad a huge COSTLY mistake? Or what if you decided not to take up a policy, and your beloved friend gets ill and COSTS you a fortune in Vet bills? Either way you need to get the facts about this misunderstood topic. This special report finally reveals the facts!! (Value $14.97)


One-on-One Email Consultation for 12-Months!


You will get personalized one-on-one coaching from me via email for 12-months. If you have a specific issue with your dog that you want me to help you with, then all you'd need to do is email me using the secret email address and password I will provide you with after you complete your order. You'd better hurry though, because I am not sure how long I can keep this available for, considering the numbers and work-load that this offer involves. Get in quick to take advantage of this offer. (Value $67)


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